Wiser Land Use

The City of Vallejo owns a number of unutilized/underutilized properties, both vacant lots and empty buildings.  If the City has no current justification for owning these properties, we need to sell them and use the proceeds to help fund the City’s budget. Two examples of this are the 400 Mare Island Way property and the Historic Herbert House.  The cost to maintain these extra assets for the city is a waste of taxpayers dollars when they are sitting empty or nearly empty.

The waterfront is Vallejo’s “Front Porch” and we need to clean it up.  We need to provide additional green space for events and attractions, with low maintenance costs for the city.  Contract for security, cleaning, and providing portable toilets so that families can enjoy this asset on a regular basis.  Plant more trees for shade, add some picnic tables and benches so as the busy ferries come to dock, passengers get a better first impression of Vallejo.

Alden Park needs to be freshened up.  I would like to propose a bond to build a new museum building in place of the concrete bunkers on the back side of the park to preserve our national memorabilia correctly.  Retrofitting one of the historic buildings would be too costly to meet the standards needed to showcase items in a museum.  The historic buildings should be used for other purposes like restaurants and retail spaces where sunlight, temperature and humidity do not need to be so closely monitored.

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