Equitable housing

Obviously our unhoused population is at a critical point in Vallejo.  I know the city was just given a grant for a new building on Broadway.  Construction continues on Sacramento St for services for the unhoused.  We need to do more.  We need to develop grants for providing trash bins and portable toilets and showers in common encampment areas. I am a strong supporter of the housing camp in Martinez, which is down on the waterfront, near the yacht club.  It is a secured, gated campsite where the unhoused are assigned a specific camp site.  They govern themselves through their own “HOA”, and clean bathrooms and waste removal services are provided.  I would like to see two or three of these campsites built in Vallejo where the unhoused can feel safe, and services can be provided at minimal cost to the city.

We also need to focus on lower income housing.  Citizens who are on the brink of losing their housing.  People who are employed but are barely making ends meet.  We need to build more structures that allow for low affordability.

We also need to help the middle class families to maintain their homes.  The city’s planning office needs to be streamlined and fees need to be reviewed.  Families cannot afford all of the fees that are assessed just to maintain their homes.

Lastly, we need some executive housing if we have hopes of attracting new businesses to Vallejo.  Maybe houseboats at the marina, an annex on Mare Island?

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